Duet SE

Stereo Power Amplifier

The Duet SE is a stereo power amplifier, the first born of the new generation of ALEF’s and replacing the former Finale, the top model of the series North Pole. Circuits are totally new even if the concept remains closed to the principles that made Delta Sigma an undeniable reference. The sound offer the same signature of the Finale but all parameters are here improved to settle new absolute standard.

Amplifier circuit is based on the extraordinary & state-of-the-art DC-6Mhz architecture inherited from very well known Delta Sigma designs.  Here is how prestigious French magazine Haute Fidelitie described new ALEF Duet SE:

Dynamics: “The ALEF communicates tremendous energy on transients. The magnitude when listening to the bass line gives a real sense of presence in the room. The chords are clear and precise, the rhythm is accurately articulated and one feels no bass volume exaggeration meaning the ALEF is sovereign and in control of the lowest octaves.”

Sound staging: “High level of precision of spatial sound staging is a part of this Italian Dual-Mono stereo block. Although it has such extraordinary qualities of dynamics without restraints, one could not expect same high level of signal resolution and equally high level of sound staging. It can virtually create a space of holographic illusion and the Alef creates a portrait of live singing and melodic reproduction”

Tonality/Transparency: “This amplifier offers a very pure listening, very neutral listening experience due in part to the ultra wide bandwidth – on paper and also subjectively. Very powerful male voice & delicate female voice often suggest that of a triode – sometimes approaching the absolute very best with accurate voice without paralysis.”

Awards:  Alef Duet SE earned Haute Fidelitie’s very rare “Reference” award.  Rated “5 stars” (highest) on ALL sonic attributes!

Design features:

  • Extraordinary Power Supply for effortless dynamics!
  • Totally stable even on low impedance loads.
  • No special cables & settings required.
  • Substantial anti-vibration technology on power supply.
  • (2) massive transformers – 680 VA.
  • “Planted” in a thick quartz powder for noise shielding & vibration control.
  • “Drowned” in resin within a very expensive mu-metal shielded enclosure.
  • Entire transformer box is “floated & suspended” by several silent vibration blocks.
  • All magnetic radiation and mechanical vibrations are completely suppressed.
  • Litz ultra-pure copper internal wire standard – optional silver.
  • Key components are hand shielded with a copper foil and grounded.
  • Very high power reserve is provided by many small fast capacitors wired in parallel and positioned as close as possible to active device.
  • Printed circuit board tracings 4x thicker than standard.


Dimensions: 48 x 30 x 45 cm
Power: 2 x 180W @ 8Ω, 15W in Class A, >10KW peak
Bandwidth: 5Hz a 50kHz +/- 0,1dB (bandwidth from DC to 6MHz)
In. levels: Typ. 2V (up to 5V user defined)
Inputs: RCA , XLR  (1 pair each)
Output: 2 pairs of speaker terminals with pure copper binding posts


Alef Duet SE Review