The Delta Sigma Story

ALEF is the new name of Delta Sigma, but also the name of the new series of electronics developed with no compromise and with the only objective to be the best in the world. This is why we decided to give to this new project our name, this electronics want to represent in full our spirit, our soul, our being.

Despite the young age of the company born in late ‘90s our engineers offer an average of 40 years experience each in top hi-end audio design and manufacturing. ALEF is not the idea of a single person, but the integration of many people ideas, each one expert and renamed in his domain of audio design.

Mr. Domenico Simonetti, the founder of Delta Sigma is a journalist, specialized in Hi Tech and hi-end audio. He had the occasion to meet the most of the real actors in the audio and electronics development, each with its idea of how the best reproductions should be, and all animated by a real desire of absolute.

Domenico found an unexpected easy way when he proposed to these engineers, often competitors between them, to collaborate under a new brand, were costs and industrial limitation were no object to realize the common dream, the best audio electronics ever. So born Delta Sigma.

It was this unique, no compromise and solid engineered concept that opened to Delta Sigma the doors of collaboration with most exigent manufacturers of sports car (eg, Porche Gemballa and Pagani) or yachts (eg. Azimuth and Ferretti)

Due to international registration issues, Delta Sigma changes its name into ALEF, with a new logo. Alef means “A”, the first letter of the first alphabet in the history, the Phoenician. This “A” used to be rotated 90o as is in the logo. The five lines represent the pentagram.

ALEF – Ultra High Performance

ALEF electronics are simply the finest I have ever heard…period! The designer has created circuits that are flat & stable to 3Mhz independently from the load charge connected.

Crafted with ultra high construction quality using the finest quality components to insure the highest level of performance and a long, trouble-free life.

Sonically, think the transparent purity of the finest OTL amplifiers but lightning fast with a greater top end extension, a more open sound, deeper & tighter bottom octaves, more effortlessly explosive dynamics and an amazing lifelike presentation of tonal qualities.

The line-stage and amplifiers both incorporate the 3Mhz circuits and the integrated uses modules from both to maintain the ultra wide bandwidth and lightning speed of the circuits.

ALEF amplifiers based on the extraordinary & state-of-the-art DC-6Mhz design receives the prestigious Haute Fidélité’s rare “Reference” award for the cost no object category!

Here is what they say about new DUET SE:

  • Dynamics: “The Alef communicates tremendous energy on transients. The magnitude when listening to the bass line gives a real sense of presence in the room. The chords are clear and precise, the rhythm is accurately articulated and one feels no bass volume exaggeration meaning the ALEF is sovereign and in control of the lowest octaves.”
  • Sound staging: “High level of precision of spatial sound staging is a part of this Italian Dual-Mono stereo block. Although it has such extraordinary qualities of dynamics without restraints, one could not expect same high level of signal resolution and equally high level of sound staging. It can virtually create a space of holographic illusion and the Alef creates a portrayal of live singing and melodic reproduction”
  • Tonality/Transparency: “This amplifier offers a very pure listening, very neutral listening experience due in part to the ultrawide bandwidth – on paper and also subjectively. Very powerful male voice & delicate female voice often suggest that of a triode – sometimes approaching the absolute very best with accurate voice without paralysis.”

Pagani Sound System

At the top Marques Monaco auto show in April, Pagani—the Italian automaker whose elusive Zonda Roadster is banned on American streets—unveiled the prototype for a high-fidelity audio system that embodies the company’s philosophy of merging technology and art. The distinctively styled Pagani Sound System, which includes speakers, amplifiers, a turntable, and a CD player, delivers exceptional power and clarity. “They’re the best-sounding components I’ve heard in my life,” says Jim Ricketts, a seasoned audiophile and the owner of TMH Audio in Dayton, Ohio. TMH Audio is the U.S. distributor for Delta Sigma, the Italian electronics manufacturer that is constructing the Pagani audio components.

About a year ago, Ricketts traveled to the Delta Sigma factory outside Turin, Italy, to look for amplifiers with bandwidths sufficient to support the high-performance loudspeakers he distributes. During his visit to the factory, he learned of the Pagani project and decided to visit the carmaker’s Modena facility, located just a few hours away. “As the story goes,” Ricketts says, “Horacio Pagani had heard one of Delta Sigma’s systems, and it inspired him to develop a working relationship with Domenico Simonetti, the designer for Delta Sigma.”

According to Ricketts, Pagani and Simonetti collaborated on the design of a $160,000 audio system composed of iron, steel, magnesium, aluminum, and carbon fiber—a lightweight composite material that Pagani often uses in its automobiles. The audio system features a power amplifier that peaks at 2,000 watts and a preamplifier with frequency bandwidth of 3 Hz to 3 MHz. The loudspeakers, which are capable of a 30-to-90-kHz frequency response and 91 decibels of efficiency, each are equipped with quad bass reflex tubes reminiscent of the Zonda’s exhaust pipes.

While most of the audio system’s components are available individually now through Delta Sigma distributors and resellers, the complete Pagani Sound System is not.
The project is now obsolete.