Mono Amplifier Blocks

ALEF Solista Mono blocks are built on the design of the DUETTO, but packed in two separate enclosures.  The power supply is so doubled to the extraordinary level of >2 KVA continuous power that become over 12 KW peak, to grant the most perfect dynamic and harmonics reproduction without compression, even at higher output peaks.

The Class A bias can also be modified to be at the absolute edge of Music and emotion transfer.

This configuration offers the best possible rejection to noise and higher signal to noise ratio to reproduce even the smallest ambient details.

This configuration resumes what best Alef can do, and we believe to be very close to perfection.

Design features:

  • Extraordinary Power Supply for effortless dynamics!
  • Totally stable even on low impedance loads down to 0.2 Ohms.
  • No special cables & settings required.
  • Substantial anti-vibration technology on power supply and feet.
  • Two massive transformers – 980 VA.
  • “Planted” in a thick quartz powder for noise shielding & vibration control.
  • “Drowned” in resin within a specific mu-metal shielded enclosure.
  • Entire transformer box is “floated & suspended” by several Sorbothane silent vibration blocks.
  • All magnetic radiation and mechanical vibrations are completely suppressed.
  • Litz ultrapure silver/copper internal wire standard – optional silver.
  • Key components are hand shielded with a copper foil and grounded.
  • Very high power reserve is provided by many small fast capacitors wired in parallel and positioned as close as possible to active device.
  • Printed circuit board tracings 4x thicker than standard.


Dimensions: 48 x 30 x 45 cm
Power: 2 x 200W @ 8Ω, 50W in Class A, >10kW peak
Bandwidth: 5Hz a 50kHz +/- 0,1dB (bandwidth from DC to 6MHz)
Input levels: Typ. 2V (up to 5V user defined)
Inputs: RCA & XLR (1 each)
Output: 2 pairs of pure copper Mundorf speaker terminals binding posts