North Pole

Legacy Integrated Amplifier

Worldwide known Delta Sigma’s Integrated Amplifier. Based on advanced 3MHz circuit, with spectacular sound – transparently pure, ultra high resolution, unrestrained dynamics and a presentation that captures the true sound of a voice, piano or any musical instrument. Sonically, it represents transparent purity of the finest OTL amplifiers but lightning fast with a greater top end extension, a more open sound, deeper & tighter bottom octaves, more effortlessly explosive dynamics and an amazing lifelike presentation.

Design features:

  • Dual-Mono+ design
  • Separate line-stage & amplifier boards for each channel
  • Separate Power Supply for each board (4 total)
  • The absolute best audio transistor, not industrial designs
  • Only the highest quality parts used
  • Ultra fast with precise damping for clear purity of music & voices
  • Includes 1pr Delta Sigma interconnects for line stage-amp connection
  • “v2″ now includes reference level TKD potentiometer for highest level of transparency & resolution


Dimensions: 48 x 30 x 45 cm
Power: 150W/ch@8Ω   300W/ch@4Ω   600W/ch@2Ω, peek 2kW/ch@8Ω
Bandwidth: 3-3Mhz (±1db)
Preamp levels: Typ. 5V
Inputs: 5 Line in RCA
Output: 1 Preamp RCA, Tape Monitor Out
Spk. output: Speaker terminals with pure copper binding posts
Remote: No remote